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Complementary information to the Credit Intermediation activity

Nuno Belchior Ventura da Rocha

Praça Dº João I, nº1, 3º Esq, 2700-248 Amadora
2700-248 Amadora

0007030 | Consult

Civil Liability

Crédito Hipotecário

2529862- Hiscox SA Sucursal em Portugal

Valid from until

Crédito ao Consumo

2529863 - Hiscox SA Sucursal em Portugal

Valid from until

Lenders with a binding agreement

  • A Banca
  • Banco CTT
  • Bankinter
  • BPI
  • credito agricola
  • Caixa Geral de Depósitos
  • EuroBic
  • Novo Banco
  • Santander
  • UCI

Conflict Resolution Centres

  • CACCL www.centroarbitragemlisboa.pt
  • CNIACC https://www.cniacc.pt

The Credit Intermediary is forbidden from receiving or delivering any sums related to the formation, execution and early performance of credit agreements, under the terms of article 46 of Decree-Law no. 81-C/2017 of 07 July on the Legal Framework of Credit Intermediaries.

Credit Intermediation activity is subject to supervision by the Bank of Portugal (website: www.bportugal.pt)

Mortgage and consumer credit related services

  • Presentation or proposal of consumer credit agreements
  • Consumer support, by carrying out preparatory acts or other pre-contractual management work in relation to credit agreements which have not been presented or proposed by them
  • Conclusion of credit agreements with consumers on behalf of creditors
  • Consultancy services

In the event of a complaint, it must be submitted in the following ways:

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